Trade Journal #3 (Week 21)

“There is no elevator to SUCCESS, instead, you have to take the stairs.”   Hey, what’s going on? Hopefully your trading has been going well. Let’s take a look at the journal entry #3 for Week 21 (5/21-5/25). Trades Placed I placed four trades that week, entering in the $SPY, $EWW, $QQQ, and $X. I entered them on all on the same day, 21 May 2018. The $SPY trade was made at the strikes (-277x/278 […]

Trading Journal #2

Trading Journal #2 This is going to be long, since I wanted to give some background on why I am where I am. I’m also going to have ALOT of links in this post, as to direct you to the information you may or may not need. *YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!*     Week 20 (5/14-5/18)   Whaddup, you can call me D. I’ve been paper trading for 2 years on ToS(Think or Swim) before […]

Hey Options trader!

Hey! Ever heard of options selling, or know what it is? I didn’t know much about it until 3 years ago. We’re here to help you become a better trader, AND learn how to trade the stock market, in particularly options, no matter which direction the market is moving. Come back, as we hope we will have more information for you soon!